Running is an activity many people can participate during any age of life.  Whether you do it in competition, as a hobby, or are the occasional weekend warrior, there are certain characteristics that all runners have in common.  As a runner you play close attention to your balance, training, preventing and treatment of injuries, increasing speed, endurance, and equipment.  These are issues that you need to know about so you can ultimately stay injury free.

East Penn Foot & Ankle Associates is well aware of the needs for athletes.  As the official team podiatrist of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs Triple-A Affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies, we see and treat many different sports injuries.  We also have worked specifically with running injuries.

The purpose for this website is to give you access to resources, and additional information.  We want to help make you a better, stronger, healthier runner, marathoner or athlete.  Through this website we will provide you insight into the different aspects of running, and answer your questions.

Running requires very little.  All you need is a good pair of shoes, and a surface to run on.  However, for a sport that requires so little there are a lot of questions that you may have.  Here are some questions and answers that will get you started.

Dr. Teichman of EPFAA and Chris Schmidt of Finish Line Running Store Talk Running Shoes!



Soccer and Running

What are the benefits of running?

Running has many benefits, it is an activity that is easy for anyone to try, and perform.  First of all people run to stay in shape and help reach their ideal body weight.  It also is a stress reliever for individuals, a great cardio workout, and helps to lower your blood pressure.  Runners experience less bone and muscle loss than that of non-runners.  It helps improve coordination, and ultimately leads to a healthier lifestyle.

Which is better – running on a hard surface, or a soft surface?

Running on soft surfaces, such as trails or the beach, requires more coordination.  The uneven surface and the obstacles, such as rocks, tree roots, and sand, can make soft surfaces more difficult to run on.  However, these surfaces benefit runners because it causes runners to concentrate on their coordination, and balance within their bodies.

Running on hard surfaces, such as asphalt, can give runners the stability needed, especially if you are prone to ankle sprains.  The extra support from planting your foot on a solid surface will help.  However, it’s important to be careful as running on hard surfaces can also create additional stress on legs and back.

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